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A leader in stainless steel

Three production sites in Italy, sales branches in France (CPC Inox France) and Germany (CPC Inox Deutschland), over 35,000 tons of material available in stock and production plants at the forefront of technology: C.P.C. Inox is now a leading company in the stainless steel manufacturing industry both on the Italian and on the international market.

C.P.C. Inox works according to its "STEEL READY" philosophy: a wide range of high quality products, always available in stock, ready to give a precise and quick answer to all its customers'needs.

Offering our customers the best solutions they are looking for is the aim of our job and the reason for employing advanced technologies.

Punctuality, quality, rapidity

CPC Inox stands out for its wide range of material available in stock and for the leading-edge technology of its production plants. These important aspects allow CPC Inox to guarantee a high quality service, punctual and quick in executing all our customers’ orders.

CPC Inox meets the needs of small and medium-sized companies as well as of multinationals. Each customer can consolidate a steady relationship with us and rely on our high professional competence.

115 000 Sq m. total surface, 56 000 Sq m. of which indoors
More than 35 000 Tons always available in stock
13 strip cutting lines
2 cut-to-length sheet and plate lines
7 lines for cut-to-length flat bars, slit from coils
1 flat bar polishing line
5 laser welded tube production lines
1 laser tube cutting line
Drawing department with presses up to 250 Tons

A wide range of products

CPC Inox products and processes are of the highest quality.

We can satisfy all our customers’ requests thanks to a wide range of products: slit, deburred and round edge strips, sheets, plates, flat bars slit from coil, round edge flat bars, polished flat bars, laser welded tubes.

Slit edge strips, from 0.1 to 14 mm thick and from 4 up to 2000mm wide
Deburred and round edge strips up to 6 mm thick
Sheets and plates from 0.4 mm to 14 mm thick, up to 2000mm wide and 12000 mm long
Slit edge flat bars cut from coil, from 1mm to 14 mm thick and up to 12000 mm long
Laser welded tubes from 8 mm to 114,3 mm diameter
Material available in all stainless steel grades (austenitic stainless steels, titanium and molybdenum stabilized austenitic stainless steels, ferritic stainless steels, refractory stainless steels, duplex and nickel alloys)

At the forefront of technology

CPC Inox periodically invests in new machines, so as to assure its production both constant innovation and updating.
We are convinced that high quality products can only come from the best instruments and that the best performances can be reached only by a strongly motivated and qualified staff.

To keep up with the continuous evolution of our production processes, our staff is constantly trained. This assures our customers to find in CPC Inox a team working with professional competence, technical skills and accuracy.

Certified quality

Since 1994 CPC Inox company has been certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard. CPC constantly updates and improves both its own quality management system and its production process.

iso1iso2isoUNI EN ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED SINCE 1994

tuvAD 2000 - Merkblatt W 0 / TRD 100

cc1 cc4 cc2 cc3
  • Brinell – Rockwell – Vickers tests on hardness
  • Traction tests with measurement of yield strength values, tensile strength values and elongation
  • Flaring tests or crushing tests on tube samples
  • Reverse bending test on the welding and on material
  • Micrographs and macrographs using an optical microscope (zoom up to 1000x)
  • Grain size analysis (according to ASTM E 112)
  • Intercrystalline corrosion tests
  • PMI test to check the chemical composition of material
  • On-line control of welded tubes with eddy currents on 100% of production

Further tests on demand

Your industrial partner

The wide range of CPC Inox products respond to the demands of a great variety of industies, from petrochemical to automotive, from oil & gas to food industry. CPC high quality and performance are well appreciated by manufacturers of heat exchangers, gratings, philters, pumps and many other industrial products.

Raw Material

Raw Material


Cut to measure strips

cut to measure strips


Deburred and round edge strips

Deburred and round edge strips


Sheets and Plates

Sheets and Plates


Slit flat bars and round edge flat bars



Slit polished flat bars and round edge polished flat bars






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