• Raw Material

    CPC Inox has a great availability of row material in different grades of stainless steel

  • Steel Ready

    Offering our customers the best solutions they are looking for is the aim of our job and the reason for employing advanced technologies.

  • Tube Solutions

    Our special division specialized in high-tech laser welded tube production.

  • Revolution

    Revolution is the project dedicated to innovating work processes based on data, measurements and analysis started by CPC Inox in 2016 to guarantee the best possible service to our customers.


CPC Inox is a leader in stainless leadership

CPC Inox is a market leader in stainless steel working, both nationally and internationally: 3 production sites in Italy, branch offices in France (CPC Inox France) and Germany (CPC Inox Deutschland), a stock of more than 45.000 tons.

CPC Inox stands out for the wide and constant availability of material ready in stock, the cutting-edge technology of its production plants and a high professional customer service which allow us to execute our customers’ orders in a rapid and accurate way.


All along our manufacturing processes, punctual and meticulous controls are carried out to obtain top level products.

CPC INOX stock of raw material includes a great variety of stainless steel types (austenitic, titan and molybdenum stabilized austenitic, ferritic,refractory duplex, nickel alloys), ranged per thicknesses, widths and finishes.

The work of CPC INOX is focused on our STEEL READY! philosophy. A wide range of high quality products, always available in stock grant our customers quick and punctual deliveries. CPC Inox technology provides our customers with the best solutions to meet all their peculiar needs.

Tube Solutions is the CPC Inox division specialized in the production of laserwelded tubes. Thanks to cutting-edge fabrication and control processes, CPC Inox tubes ensure the highest quality for any application requiring the greatest performance, not only from the technical point of view but also as far as the excellence of the provided service is concerned.

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