The Company’s welfare plans, people as a value and that desire to always improve.Giovanni Venerito CFO and HR Manager of CPC Inox talks about the projects matured in the last year in the HR field

CPC Inox has always stated that “people” are a value and a true corporate asset. How does this translate to the everyday work environment?

People in CPC Inox are a valuable resource that we invest heavily in. The imprinting of founder Vito Cardinali, who has always lived the company as a second family, seeking to create social as well as business value, guides us daily in the choices made in the HR field.

In the current work environment, we aim to manage an approach that aims to improve individual performance and business results. To achieve the result, we have to combine together a multiplicity of processes and tools (economic and noneconomic) that are perceived by people as “elements of value” in the working relationship.

This goes to positively affect their motivation and satisfaction, actually increasing individual contribution and, consequently, business success.

Specifically, all this translates into concrete activities aimed at constantly improving the work environment. Mainly the fields of intervention concern

  • Remuneration, fixed and variable
  • Welfare and benefits, with the proposal of appropriate Corporate Welfare Plans
  • Work environment: measurement of employee satisfaction and sustainability goals
  • Development: training and skills growth, multifunctionality, performance measurement


What does the corporate welfare plan involve?

In order to improve the corporate climate, productivity, and well-being of its employees, the company has initiated a corporate welfare plan by signing a contract with the specialized company Pellegrini, which provides employees with vouchers that can be spent in different areas, ranging from entertainment to education, from food shopping to social assistance.

We believe this is a good way to try to make many services available by covering a little bit all the desires, needs and passions of our employees.

For illustrative purposes, the macro areas in which credit can be used are:

  • Fuel vouchers and shopping vouchers to be used in affiliated establishments within the maximum total value of 256.00 euros per year as stipulated in the current regulation.
  • Education and education for family members: provides for the reimbursement of education and education expenses incurred for their family members (baby-sitting, nursery school, kindergarten, school fees at all levels, school canteen, pre-school and after-school, trips and initiatives provided for in the school’s educational offerings, school textbooks, playrooms, summer and winter centers).
  • Education, recreation and social welfare: the employee will be able to choose for themselves or their family members, subscriptions to affiliated gyms, sports centers and wellness centers, smart-boxes, trips, training courses, admissions to the cinema, theater, museums.


2022 has been a challenging year for many families: rising electricity and gas bills, inflation, and the economic crisis related to the conflict in Ukraine have actually affected the lives of all of us. How has CPC Inox moved to support its employees?

It has been a couple of years now that a state of hardship remains for many families, so the company, truly always close to the needs of its employees, chose to intervene by disbursing in the last period considered up to €1,700 in extra bonuses.


In CPC Inox there are numerous employees who have been with the company for several years. Typically this indicates a solid company where professionals are happy to stay. What do you think are the components that make CPC Inox such a close-knit team?

Some of our employees have been with the company for more than 10 years, and there is now a relationship of trust between them that goes beyond the professional one. I think the desire to share a common vision and values is somewhat at the root of this achievement. In addition, the ownership has always been really attentive to listening and intercepting people’s requests and needs, thus recreating a work environment where they really feel “at home.”

Certainly so much also plays the personal predisposition: in CPC Inox those who want to get involved and grow can count on a solid structure that provides the worker with the opportunity to gain experience in multiple fields. We have people who entered with one role and over the years have come to do another job, a great opportunity that is not taken for granted in companies today.


In the HR field, what plans do you have for 2023?

Among the 2023 goals is definitely an increase in internal communication activities, as witnessed by the recent entry of Aurora Manzaro, CPC Inox’s new HR Specialist.

After organizing the CPC Cares event last October 2022, with which we presented to all employees the many environmental and social sustainability activities carried out by the company, we would like to engage people in joint and dedicated activities that allow us to share company values and team up.

Alongside these initiatives, we confirm our commitment to offering training courses that will help our professionals increase their expertise.

Lastly, we also want to work on making internal communication smoother, with many initiatives that I cannot anticipate anything about yet.