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4ocean, Public Benefit Corporation and certified B Corp is committed to cleaning the oceans of plastic and providing stable employment for crisis-hit coastal communities.

It all started with a trip between two friends in 2015 to Bali. Mission: surfing the ocean waves for a holiday to remember over the years. That’s when Alex Schulze and Andrew Cooper, who grew up in Florida and make their living from the ocean, in Indonesia began to realise the severity of the plastic crisis in the oceans and its impact not only on marine life, but also on all those who, like them, relied on the health of the ocean to survive, local fishermen first and foremost. So, they decided to do something concrete and start a business that could clean the oceans and rivers of plastics and at the same time help coastal communities in need by paying captains and crews full time to retrieve plastic and other man-made waste from the local environment instead of catching fish.

Thus, was born 4ocean, a certified Public Benefit Corporation and B Corp that relies on the power of business to fund a global clean-up operation that is responsible for recovering millions of pounds of plastic and waste from oceans, rivers and coastlines.

Today, 4ocean runs one of the largest ocean clean-up operations in the world and employs hundreds of full-time professional captains and crews.

At the core of its mission are two fundamental objectives: to educate the global community about the causes and impacts of plastic pollution and to raise awareness among governments, companies and institutions to end this environmental crisis.

A great example of social and environmental sustainability at the same time: on the one hand the commitment to fight plastic pollution, on the other hand supporting communities that depend on the health of the oceans to survive, through the opportunity of a stable job with a fixed salary, which invents environmental management at a local level and offers new opportunities for growth, equality, education and prosperity to crew members, their families and their communities.

For further information about 4ocean please visit www.4ocean.com