7 December 2018: The [r]EVOLUTION event represents the new CPC Inox

That 2018 was a year of great achievements and changes for CPC Inox was also highlighted by the traditional working year closing event, which, for the first time, was hosted during an event organized at Kilometro Rosso in Milan. On Friday 7 December, the Company Management officially presented to the whole team [r]EVOLUTION, the innovation project developed by CPC Inox in the last years, aimed at communicating the important process of Company modernization. [r]EVOLUTION is a strategic plan, ideated to convey to customers the values ​​that have always distinguished us –  punctuality-speed-quality – supporting them with precise data and with a new brand image.

In this context, consideration must be given to the monitoring activities of the results achieved, both in terms of quality and punctuality of the orders delivered, the redesign of the website, which becomes an even more powerful tool to better communicate our strengths and the new logo.

Confirming the excellent work delivered by the entire CPC Inox family, two customers who come from very different market sectors but share the need to rely on a serious partner like CPC participated in the event. With their positive experience, they described how CPC Inox contributes to their success in the petrochemical and Tubes production sector respectively.

[r]EVOLUTION was also an opportunity to give visibility to the new communication activities organized by the Management, which reinforce the coherence of the entire project and fit well within the modernization process. We start with the new website, completely redesigned to improve navigability and to offer useful and constantly updated content, and we then move on to the new logo and the creation of social network profiles, which, in this day and age, are essential tools to communicate the Company values and image.

At the end of the presentation, the event continued with a toast and music, in a festive atmosphere that contributed to make the very large CPC Inox family feel even more united.