New photovoltaic panels at CPC Inox

CPC Inox more and more sustainable

After announcing the three-year decarbonisation plan initiated with Enel X , CPC INOX confirms its commitment to the environment with the installation of photovoltaic panels at its Gessate factory.

The new plant in Gessate

The installation consists of around 1300 panels, covering a net area of almost 3700 square meters, which have been placed on the entire useful surface of the roof of the tube factory.

With a peak power of approximately 760 kW, an annual energy production of 840,000 kWh has been estimated.

The plant is also equipped with 7 inverters, electronic devices that convert the direct current from the photovoltaic panels into alternating current, which is then transformed to be fed into the plant’s electricity grid.

Coming soon in Basiano

Soon, work will also begin on the installation of a second photovoltaic system for the Basiano plant.

A further concrete contribution on the road to environmental sustainability.