Steel and architecture – the Kelpies

We keep on traveling in the world of architectural constructions that use steel to create unique works of art. Today we go to central Scotland, where above the Forth and Clyde canals, two enormous horse heads rise up entirely covered with steel plates.

The “Kelpies”, this is the name of the work, have been designed and engineered by Andy Scott in collaboration with a team of engineers who have created a carbon steel structure, on which they have inserted hundreds of sheets of polished 316L stainless steel, 1.5 m long and 6 mm thick, specifically laser cut to perfectly cover the sculpture.

The work, 30 m high from the ground and weighing about 600 tons, was made of stainless steel and iron and inside it contains lights that give a highly scenic effect. The two horse heads indicate the work between the canals and the lands of Scotland.

I chose stainless steel for both its longevity and visual effect. The setting is “big sky” country, with mountains in the distance and special natural light. Stainless steel gave the effect I was looking for: a light, almost delicate quality against the natural backdrop. Andy Scott


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credits foto: Wikipedia