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Sustainability Dictionary: Green Gamification What is Green Gamification? Green Gamification is a technique that uses playful elements (gamification) to promote sustainable (green) behaviour. A phenomenon that is spreading rapidly in various sectors and which, according to many researchers, seems to be the most effective approach to facilitate learning about sustainability and make global challenges more […]

HydraToZero wins BFWE Innovation Award

At the Accadueo exhibition HydraToZero by CPC Inox wins in the Materials section It is with great pride that we announce that our HydraToZero project has won the BFWE Innovation Award, for the Materials section, at the H2O – Accadueo trade fair in Bologna, one of the major international events dedicated to the water sector. […]

Sustainability Report

CPC Inox’s first Sustainability Report is now available! After launching a major three-year decarbonization plan in 2021 in partnership with Enel X, we decided to produce our first sustainability report, a testament to our environmental and social commitment and transparency. We asked our Aurora Manzaro, Sustainability Manager & HR Specialist, to tell us more about […]

CPC Academy is founded

CPC Academy, the training project developed in collaboration with Adecco, aims to offer professional experience in the field and facilitate entry into the labor market for young people. Today more than ever, being specialized in a particular field becomes an added value for any young professional who wants to pursue a career within industrial production. In […]


A CarbonNegative process is defined as one that induces a permanent removal of CO2 from the ecosystem, removing more carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions than are released into the atmosphere. A carbon negative process has the merit of removing CO2 permanently, or nearly so, as it is irreversible for thousands of years.


That Apple products are synonymous with quality and innovation is known to all. What not everyone may not know, however, is the commitment to sustainability that the Cupertino-based company has made. A plan with the future at its heart, that of Apple, which has set itself a ‘zero impact’ goal by 2030. Buzzwords: clean energy […]

Digital Product Passport

Still being finalised, the Digital Product Passport will make it possible to trace the life cycle of manufacturing products and make more sustainable choices. That the environment is an issue that needs to be tackled together is now clear to everyone. Companies, citizens, and institutions are increasingly engaged in trying to reduce their impact, containing […]

CPC CARES – A more sustainable catering area

From January 2023, some major changes will be implemented in the refectory and catering areas in order to reduce waste production. With January 2023, a few big changes are coming to improve our impact on the environment. In line with the company’s commitment to promote recycling and reduce waste production, we have introduced some changes […]


4ocean, Public Benefit Corporation and certified B Corp is committed to cleaning the oceans of plastic and providing stable employment for crisis-hit coastal communities. It all started with a trip between two friends in 2015 to Bali. Mission: surfing the ocean waves for a holiday to remember over the years. That’s when Alex Schulze and […]


“Plastic footprint” is an expression that refers to the trace that an industry, a country, a manufacturing sector or an individual person leaves in the environment. It measures the amount of plastic used and then discarded, considered in relation to the harm it causes to the environment.

CPC People – Aurora Manzaro

Interview with the new HR Specialist and Sustainability Manager at CPC Inox For the CPC People column, today we present Aurora Manzaro, the new colleague called into the company to strengthen the human resources area and closely follow all activities related to sustainability. Read the interview 1 How long have you been working at CPC […]

Green packaging

Big news at CPC Inox, which is taking a new step towards environmental sustainability. After announcing the three-year decarbonisation plan with Enel X and installing photovoltaic panels at the Gessate production plant, the Company has also worked to improve its packaging. The project involves the gradual replacement of the materials used for product packaging with […]

New photovoltaic panels at CPC Inox

CPC Inox more and more sustainable After announcing the three-year decarbonisation plan initiated with Enel X  , CPC INOX confirms its commitment to the environment with the installation of photovoltaic panels at its Gessate factory. The new plant in Gessate The installation consists of around 1300 panels, covering a net area of almost 3700 square […]

Calzedonia’s “Mission Clean Beaches”

Calzedonia and WWF Italy together in support of Italian beaches The fashion industry, which is considered one of the most polluting in the world, has set its sights on a virtuous change to decrease the impact of its production activities. There are numerous companies that have decided to contribute to the preservation of the Planet […]

CPC People – Stefano Frisone

Journey through production At the flattening line with Stefano Frisone Today we meet Stefano Frisione, since almost 20 years working in CPC Inox. Read the interview.   How long have you been working at CPC Inox? I have been working at CPC Inox for almost 20 years What are you in charge of? I am […]

CPC Inox chooses Enel X as sustainability partner

Facts, not just words: CPC Inox has chosen Enel X to reduce its consumption and become more sustainable. The decarbonization project at our Basiano and Gessate sites involves the construction of two photovoltaic systems of more than 600 kW, which will reduce consumption by 40% and CO₂ emissions into the atmosphere by about 335 tons […]

Lindt & Sprüngli Farming Program

The sustainability we like The concrete commitment to environmental and social sustainability of Lindt, the world-famous company for its delicious chocolate, is reflected in the Lindt & Sprüngli Farming Program. The goal is clear: to actively contribute to the improvement of local conditions for all chocolate farmers. A commitment of great value, which allows to […]