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Lindt & Sprüngli Farming Program

The sustainability we like The concrete commitment to environmental and social sustainability of Lindt, the world-famous company for its delicious chocolate, is reflected in the Lindt & Sprüngli Farming Program. The goal is clear: to actively contribute to the improvement of local conditions for all chocolate farmers. A commitment of great value, which allows to […]

CPC People – Domenico Politanò machine manager

Interview with Domenico Politanò, slitter 14 machine manager CPC People moves to production. We meet today Domenico Politanò. Since 2014 in CPC Inox, Domenico tells about his professional experience. Eight intense years, in which commitment and seriousness have been rewarded. Read the interview   How long have you been working in CPC Inox? I have […]

CPC People – Alexis Goupilleau and the French market

The French stainless-steel market: interview with the new Business Developer Manager of CPC Inox France Alexis Goupilleau joined the group about a year ago as Business Development Manager France. In this quick interview he tells us about his experience.   The interview What are the main challenges in the French market today? With the situation […]

Electrolux Better Living Program

The sustainability we like With the column Sustainability that we like, we are committed to sharing the virtuous examples of companies that are concretely active in promoting initiatives to support the environment. We believe that networking and adding up many small and large gestures aimed at improving our world is the way forward. The company […]

CPC People – Francesco D’Alessio

The importance of programming We manufacture stainless steel semi-finished products to order, with the aim of avoiding any kind of waste. For this reason, teamwork between the sales department, which collects orders, and our colleagues, who plan production, is fundamental. Thanks to the careful work of order analysis we can optimize the use of raw […]

The RECRAFTED project by Patagonia

The sustainability we like For the month of January, we thought we’d highlight a project by a company that has always been committed to safeguarding the environment: Patagonia. There are many activities carried out by this brand to promote eco-sustainability. With the RECRAFTED project, Patagonia supports a conscious production, reusing waste materials and reducing waste. […]

New automatic packaging machine for cut tubes

Innovation and automation: the new automatic packaging machine for cut tubes has arrived at CPC Inox. The new automatic packaging machine for cut tubes has arrived at CPC Inox. A further step forward in terms of innovation and optimization of company production processes. Thanks to the new machine, the packaging activities of the tubes become […]


We are introducing a new column Sustainability is a choice and a commitment for us at CPC Inox, which we want to pursue with specific projects. Fortunately, more and more companies are now accelerating and focusing on environmental sustainability. This is why we have decided to introduce in 2022 the monthly column “The sustainability we […]

Steel and Architecture: Walt Disney Concert Hall

Last appointment of this year with our column “Stainless steel in the world of architecture and construction”. We close with the majesty of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the fourth concert hall of the Los Angeles Music Center and one of the most famous theaters in the world. Wanted, commissioned and partly donated to the […]

Our first 45 years

Since 1976 we have come a long way together. From the first slitters in Cormano to the latest production site in Gessate. With you in Europe, from France and Germany, competing with major market players. We have seen and made innovations, with the dedication and stubbornness that characterize us. We have even nurtured a [r]Evolution, […]

Steel and architecture : Cloud Gate

Take a picture The Cloud Gate, known as “The Bean”, is a sculpture designed by British Archistar Anish Kapoor. Built between 2004 and 2006, it is located in Chicago at the centre of the AT&T Plaza in Millennium Park. This enormous “bean”, capable of reflecting and distorting the city’s skyline and creating suggestive reflections that […]


Tube Solution is the division of CPC Inox specialized in the production of last generation laser welded tubes. All the experience and know-how built up in over 45 years of activity have allowed the company to widen its range by creating top quality solutions to meet high technical and service requirements. Our pipes comply with […]

Burj Khalifa, the skyscraper of records

In Dubai stands Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world. At 829 meters high, it represents the most iconic building in the city. The building was strongly supported by the government in order to diversify Dubai’s economy: no longer just oil, but also services and above all tourism, a winning mix that continues to […]

CPC Inox presents “Leonardo Project”

Vitrani Gori, the first colleague awarded at the Leonardo Project The Leonardo Project, promoted by CPC Inox, to stimulate the staff of the production departments to propose ideas or solutions aimed at improving company performance, has collected a first project that has been awarded and has already been implemented in the company. It is a […]

CPC PEOPLE – Elisa Pea’s experience

Elisa Pea joined CPC just over two years ago. Today she tells us about her professional growth, which began in the Customer Service and, after a valuable training phase, led to a new work experience in sales.   How many years have you been working at CPC Inox? I joined the company in April 2019, […]

Steel and architecture: Ping An Finance Center

The world’s largest stainless steel façade is located in China At 115 floors and 500 metres, the Ping An Finance Center is the fourth tallest building in the world. Increasingly used to create imposing architectural works, thanks to its properties that make it a highly corrosion-resistant material, stainless steel also plays a leading role in […]

Who invented stainless steel?

Do you know who invented stainless steel more than 100 years ago? Harry Brearley, born in 1871. The story goes that in 1915, while searching for a metal that could better resist erosion caused by high temperatures, the metallurgist began to consider adding chromium to steel, thus raising its melting point compared to standard carbon […]


When you think of the use of steel in a large architectural construction, most likely the thing that comes to mind most is the famous Parisian tower. In reality, steel is being used more and more often in imposing and artistic constructions, both for its properties and for the artistic rendering of its color. Among […]