CPC Inox growing in 2019

CPC Inox closed 2019 with positive data, confirming the good performance of the Company.

Turnover has grown and now exceeds 129 million euros and more than 44,000 tons of steel, including tubes and flat products, were sold. These are numbers that confirm customer confidence and the great level of satisfaction with the service we offer, which is the true pride of the Company.

Even in 2019 CPC Inox has invested significant resources in purchasing new machinery and improving productive structures, with an expenditure that exceeds 6 million euros. A constant attention to innovation addressed to customers: CPC Inox boasts today an increasingly forefront machinery park capable of offering tailor-made solutions to its customers with precision and speed.

Investment on people was also confirmed: grew by 7%, thanks to the entry of 11 new employees, most of whom are around 30 years old. This is a significant expansion, which once again underlines CPC Inox’s desire to constantly improve its staff and, in particular, the natural Company vocation for hiring and training of young professional figures.