CPC INOX inaugurates Christmas Holidays with the year-end meeting

On Friday 13 December CPC Inox held its year-end meeting. A moment of celebration of the results achieved during 2019 and an occasion for sharing the experiences of those who, every day, contribute to the growth of the Company of Basiano.

The conference also determined the final staging of the [r]EVOLUTION project, an ambitious business innovation plan started about five years ago, which saw today the end of its development phase. A model that, during the last few years, became a real corporate philosophy, which is inclusive and transversal to all sectors and finds its true strength in the tangible measurement of results.

Many rewards have been reaped, as testified by ten employees representing all Company departments, from Production to Sales. Each speaker had the opportunity to explain to all the colleagues attending the meeting how the [r]EVOLUTION project has found its concrete application into every specific area. In this way [r]EVOLUTION has been interpreted as “teamwork”, “getting involved”, “attention to detail”, “change of mentality”, “new possibilities”, “company 4.0”, “investments”, “our philosophy”, “all of us” and the fundamental values “punctuality, speed, quality “. These are the acceptations attributed to the project by the CPC Inox team, a team of professionals who, day after day, have contributed to the transformation of the Company. During the meeting everyone, from the Senior Employees to the new hires – which demonstrates the attention paid to all 160 employees – has brought their personal experience as an example, which consisted of growth, opportunity and commitment.

The satisfactions we shared were many, from the growth of sales volumes to the innovations introduced, such as the new interconnected systems that have made it possible to certify CPC Inox as a Company 4.0, as well as the significant investments made in machinery and staff training. President Vito Cardinali closed the Meeting, congratulating the audience for the excellent work and kicking off the Christmas party.

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