CPC Inox presents “Leonardo Project”

Vitrani Gori, the first colleague awarded at the Leonardo Project

The Leonardo Project, promoted by CPC Inox, to stimulate the staff of the production departments to propose ideas or solutions aimed at improving company performance, has collected a first project that has been awarded and has already been implemented in the company.
It is a proposal for “Improvement on the Eddychek Profila 6 sensor”. The idea, developed by my colleague Vitrani Gori, involves a software modification to the profila that would improve its performance.
In May, production monitored the yield of the Pf6 and compared it with that of April. The results confirmed the validity of Gori’s intuition: we went from 96.8% to 97.1% yield, an improvement of 0.3%.

The project: objectives

The Leonardo Project aims to involve the people who work every day in the production plants and to stimulate their creativity to find solutions that can improve company performance.
Who better than a production worker to become aware of potential developments in production processes? The project, addressed to all employees of the production department of CPC Inox without any admission criteria, wants to be a way to enhance and promote the innovative ideas of all colleagues and to stimulate teamwork. Proposals can be submitted by a single employee or by a group of up to three people.

Steps in the selection process

The ideas submitted will undergo a selection process involving

  • the Facilitator: the shift leaders carry out an initial feasibility check of the “expected benefit” taking into account operational parameters, impact on safety and ecology, improvement of the company’s image, innovation made to processes;
  • the Technical Committee, which will examine the merits of the proposal by carrying out an in-depth cost-benefit analysis;
  • the Management Committee, which will consider the final decision.

The ideas promoted will be rewarded with a fee and implemented in the company.