CPC Inox still invests on innovation and inaugurates the new automatic warehouse MATT99 in the Gessate plant. The implementation of the complex project required two years of intense work and now the new warehouse is operating at full capacity, marking a new milestone for the Company and showing its attention to technological development.
The large dimensions of the warehouse – 145 meters long, 15 meters high (12m above ground + 6m underground) and 18 meters deep – allow to store up to 4,000 units of tube bundles. The prerogative of the new warehouse is to receive the tubes bundles already packaged and correctly strapped to hexagonal profiles. A camera system identifies the credentials by means of the bar codes placed on the tag of each bundle, which will then be placed in a suitable housing for the size. The bundle is transferred through a fast motorized shuttle inside the warehouse and transferred to an elevator that carries the bundles to the trans-elevator. This elevator, running along the entire length on the top of the warehouse like an overhead crane, automatically deposits the bundles at a specific location. The bundles, automatically placed in the position that the system has previously configured, are stably positioned on the shelves until it is time to ship them.  This way, MATT99 has the ability to manage up to 20 transfers / hour, therefore performing a deposit or withdrawal every 3 minutes.



The important investment made by CPC Inox has brought numerous advantages for both the Company and the customers.
On the one hand, the automation of operations simplifies the work of handling the bundles of tubes, since the “manual” management of the positioning of the produced bundles on the floor is no longer necessary.  On the other hand, it allows to speed up the loading cycles considerably, since it is no longer necessary to search and select the bundles to be shipped, which had to be prepared in dedicated loading areas and carried out in time before the shipment. The computerization of the system also makes it much easier and faster to search for packages registered in a specific database and makes the flow of information, from the pickup orders for the warehouse to the issuance of shipping documents, more efficient.
The storage of the material inside the new area has also freed up space inside the existing warehouse. The high stock capacity, a flagship of CPC Inox, requires in fact adequate space to place the high amount of stored product.
There are also great benefits in terms of departmental safety. The new system effectively limits the manual handling of the various bundles of pipes, which are long and potentially risky operations in case of error.


There are also many advantages for CPC Inox customers, who can always count on innovative solutions and an excellent service. Examples are easy loading operations and reduced processing time, especially in cases where it was not possible to prepare the load in advance. Improvements are evident also in terms of quality of the product, which, since it is automatically stored and picked up, is less subject to damage due to handling or because of the reduced space for manoeuvre.

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