CPC Inox chooses Enel X as sustainability partner

Facts, not just words: CPC Inox has chosen Enel X to reduce its consumption and become more sustainable.

The decarbonization project at our Basiano and Gessate sites involves the construction of two photovoltaic systems of more than 600 kW, which will reduce consumption by 40% and CO₂ emissions into the atmosphere by about 335 tons per year.

We are the first company in the province of Milan to entrust the Enel Group Company with an analysis of corporate circularity and climate-changing gas emissions. The goal is not only to reduce costs and be more economically competitive, but also to begin a concrete path toward sustainability to align ourselves, thus, with the Net Zero trend.


The three-year plan

The project is structured over three years: analysis, data collection and target setting(2021), start of improvement projects (2022) and analysis of the results obtained (2023).

Enel X measured CPC Inox emissions through the GHG Protocol; then proposed some solutions to decrease the Company’s consumption and guide it toward a greener future. These include the construction of a photovoltaic system of over 600 kW for the Basiano plant, which will start the construction phase in the coming months. With 735,000 kWh produced and almost 80% self-consumption, it will allow the plant’s energy consumption to be reduced by more than 40%, guaranteeing a reduction in atmospheric emissions of 335 tons of co2 per year.

The project will soon be replicated for the Gessate site, CPC Inox’s second production plant in Italy, where the construction of a photovoltaic system of about 700kW is being studied.


The importance of providing solid data

“Today, more than ever, it becomes essential to accurately select the right partners in order to undertake paths to protect the environment that can prove truly effective. We are confident that in this sense Enel X will bring great added value to the initiatives we intend to pursue as CPC Inox. Over the years we have always distinguished ourselves in the market as a solid, transparent and innovative company. With this project we confirm our vision, returning concrete data to the market and acting on measurable areas of improvement.”  

 Stefano Cardinali, CEO di CPC Inox.

“CPC Inox is an evolved customer that has understood the importance of sustainability aspects. It has chosen to differentiate itself from competitors by increasingly reducing its emissions and increasing the circular economy.

Augusto Raggi, Head of Enel X Italy