CPC People – Alexis Goupilleau and the French market

The French stainless-steel market: interview with the new Business Developer Manager of CPC Inox France

Alexis Goupilleau joined the group about a year ago as Business Development Manager France.

In this quick interview he tells us about his experience.


The interview

What are the main challenges in the French market today?

With the situation on stainless steel market, as business development manager, it’s to identify good leads for CPC, both on long term development for future innovative application such as hydrogen, and also day to day business to serve the market on a short term view.


How is CPC Inox positioned in the French market?

CPC is present for more than 20 years in the French market and still a lot of opportunities to be discovered. Customers have a very strong image of quality and services from CPC Inox.


What do you think is most appreciated about our company?

Leadtime and large stock, no doubt!


You joined CPC Inox about a year ago; what are your impressions of the company?

Italians are well known in the stainless-steel business in Europe. When I joined the company the first thing I noticed was the huge material availability and the capacity to process a thousand tons per week…

Then I discovered an amazing team, “The CPC Family” where everyone give his best to deliver the customer on time, with good quality.

As salesman, I never forget that booking the order is only one step, of numerous actions to be done to meet the customer’s needs


Describe CPC Inox with 3 adjectives

Powerfull, Flexible, Experienced


What are your next professional challenges?

My position is dedicated to find and develop new types of applications in western Europe. With the ecological transition, many fields are still to be explored. Interesting challenge for the next years…