CPC People – Domenico Politanò machine manager

Interview with Domenico Politanò, slitter 14 machine manager

CPC People moves to production. We meet today Domenico Politanò. Since 2014 in CPC Inox, Domenico tells about his professional experience.

Eight intense years, in which commitment and seriousness have been rewarded.

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How long have you been working in CPC Inox?

I have been working in CPC INOX since 2014


What do you do?

I work in the production department and I manage the slitter, a machine used to cut coils into strips of various widths and thicknesses, to be sent both to customers and to other CPC internal production departments.


What has been your greatest job satisfaction?

My greatest job satisfaction has been being promoted to the role of Slitter 14 machine manager. That’s when I realized that my commitment and dedication to my job had been recognized and rewarded by the company. It’s always nice to receive positive feedback for your work.


How important is on-the-job training in your job today?

On-the-job training in my job is crucial. Only through experience and with the help of colleagues with more seniority than you have, can you best learn the various cutting techniques. The more practice you have, the more you learn, as in all jobs I imagine.


What are your professional desires for the future?

I hope I can continue to increase my skills to achieve professional growth.


How would you describe CPC Inox in 3 adjectives?

Solid, efficient, human


What advice would you give to new recruits?

My advice to those entering the world of work in general and especially in this field, is to have the desire to do and learn, approaching this type of work with the utmost seriousness, given the importance of what we do. Only in this way the results will come.


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