CPC People – Francesco D’Alessio

The importance of programming

We manufacture stainless steel semi-finished products to order, with the aim of avoiding any kind of waste. For this reason, teamwork between the sales department, which collects orders, and our colleagues, who plan production, is fundamental. Thanks to the careful work of order analysis we can optimize the use of raw materials and production priorities, ensuring the highest possible punctuality and quality to our customers. A job that requires precision and good organizational skills.

Today we meet Francesco d’Alessio, Production Planner of CPC Inox, graduated in Management Engineering with specialization in Lean Manufacturing.


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Francesco, how long have you been in the Company?

I worked in CPC INOX since October 2019


What do you deal with?

I deal with production scheduling of different products such as tubes, cut tubes, bars, edged and/or satin bars, rings and hardware, with the aim of optimizing the balance between customer demand, productivity and yield.


What are the main activities of your job?

My work can be summarized in three main phases:

  1. Analysis of the orders entered based on the raw material or semi-finished products available, the technical feasibility of the machines and the production capacity;
  2. Creation of the order through the management system, according to the material chosen and the machine selected, aimed at the production of the item required by the customer in the desired quantity;
  3. Scheduling of the production order within the programming with the aim of satisfying the customer’s demand in the desired time and optimizing productivity.

How important is it today to be specialized?

Today, to work more effectively, it is essential to be specialized. Knowledge of the raw material and of the production processes is a necessary condition for achieving results. This know-how must be acquired through an academic process that guides the individual towards a technical and theoretical path with training in the field. This training at CPC INOX has been fundamental for me, thanks to the support of my colleagues who, with dedication and thoroughness, have allowed me to grow and specialize.


Rapidity, Punctuality, Quality are the pillars of CPC Inox and the company’s promise to its customers. How do you try to satisfy them in your work?

In order to achieve the promises that CPC INOX makes to its customers, it is necessary to collaborate closely on two levels: both between the planning, sales and quality departments, in order to share useful information with the right timing, coordinate promptly and anticipate any problems, and within the planning department, in order to create a team and more easily achieve the punctuality required by the customer.


How would you describe the company in 3 adjectives?

CPC INOX is a dynamic company, quick and effective in responding to customer needs.


Advice for new recruits?

We must always push our limits, get involved and broaden our horizons driven by our thirst for knowledge, but at the same time we must also take care of the practical side of things, at an operational level. To be good at your job, the theoretical aspect counts as much as the desire to get your hands dirty. Be hungry, hungry to want to do!