CPC People – Riccardo Quacquarelli the master of the Slitters

Riccardo Quaquarelli is part of the history of CPC Inox since 23 years. An example of professional growth and commitment, which we would like to share with you today.

Riccardo Quacquarelli’s interview


How many years have you been working at CPC Inox?

I have been working at CPC for 23 years

What do you do?

My current job at CPC is Machine Manager of Slitter 16. In all these years I have had a long career path, which began in 1998 as a worker tying and packaging strips on Slitter 4 and 5.

I then moved on to work on Slitter 8, first working alongside the machine manager to learn the job in the best possible way and then taking over from him.

After years of experience on the slitter, in 2015 I had the opportunity to move to the new Slitter 15, a real vanguard for that year, at the Gessate site. In this role I managed the start-up of the new plant, which is still combined with an automatic packaging line.

In 2018 I returned to the Basiano site and started up a new plant, Slitter 16, where I still am.

23 years is a long time… what made you decide to stay with CPC?

CPC Inox offers a good working environment, both from a professional point of view and its solidity and competitiveness on the market. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to grow, going from a simple worker to a machine manager, and I’ve learnt to use new, latest-generation machinery. The willingness to invest in new tools makes the company more competitive and at the same time, for those who work there, it offers the opportunity to increase their technical knowledge.

What do you like best about your job?

As a machine manager I have developed the necessary skills to follow the entire production process from start to finish. This allows me to have an overall view and therefore a complete professional specialisation. In fact, my job means that I know how to do a bit of everything in relation to the slitter: arranging the cuts in the best possible way on the strip entrusted for cutting, preparing the cutting equipment in line, managing the roles and tasks of colleagues are just a few examples. In my role, I also have to manage the quality aspects related to the work in progress, taking into account the end uses and the customer, and I have to take care of timekeeping and order payments, as well as managing the packaging of the cut material.

Describe the company in 3 adjectives

Reliability, competitiveness, punctuality.

Advice for the new generation?

Start from the bottom with the desire, curiosity and awareness that in our work, with commitment and determination, we can achieve ever higher goals.