CPC People – Stefano Frisone

Journey through production

At the flattening line with Stefano Frisone

Today we meet Stefano Frisione, since almost 20 years working in CPC Inox.

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How long have you been working at CPC Inox?

I have been working at CPC Inox for almost 20 years

What are you in charge of?

I am in charge of the Ls1 flattening line.

What has been your greatest job satisfaction?

After so many years in the field, I am very proud of my specialty. It takes technique and skill, as in all jobs where the human component makes a difference. One of my greatest satisfactions was flattening some steel sheets that foreign colleagues were unable to work on and making them definitely proud of the result!

How important is field training in your work today?

As I said, training in the field is crucial. It is definitely important to know the theory through studies, but only through daily practice do you gain a level of professional specialization and that technical skill that makes all the difference.

What are your professional desires for the future?

I would not mind trying my skills in another role or on another machine, because after 20 years, leveling has no more secrets for me!

How would you describe CPC Inox in 3 adjectives?

Like all companies there is always room for improvement, but I believe CPC Inox is a solid company, very serious about its employees and always evolving!