#CPCPEOPLE – Alberto Schiavo comments on the first quarter 2021

Seven cities in Lombardy – Brescia, Cremona, Milan, Mantua, Bergamo, Lecco and Como – have recently set Italian records for steel exports and production. In contrast to the current market situation, the seven sisters of Lombard steel have distinguished themselves for their ability to penetrate trade outside the Italian borders. It would seem that an epochal change of baton in the Italian steel leadership is taking place: the historical production poles of Turin, Genoa, Terni, Piombino and Taranto are giving way to the new generation of steelworks in Lombardy, Veneto and Friuli, with electric furnaces, favorable to the interchange with the closest European countries, such as Germany, France, Austria and Spain.

But how is the stainless steel market doing? What are the current challenges for the sector?

We asked Alberto Schiavo, Sales Manager, for a comment on the market trend in the first quarter.

“The year 2021 opened with a positive trend, although particularly fast. Companies are eager to restart after a difficult year and, contrary to what we might have assumed, are working with a large confirmed order portfolio, within a context in which the trend of raw material prices is constantly increasing.
We have spoken with our customers and we can state that more than signals of a real recovery, we are witnessing the restoration of stocks, lowered to historic lows in the past months of the pandemic.
To speak of a real recovery it will be necessary to observe the trend in the second half of the year.
The strict regulations imposed on the purchase of raw material from non-European steelworks has caused the domestic demand for stainless steel to explode.
The great challenge of the moment is therefore linked to the availability of material; in this context it becomes fundamental to have the greatest visibility on consumption, in order to continue to guarantee a quality service, avoiding supply interruptions or delays due to long deliveries by steel mills.
CPC Inox sales department is working hard to start a constant dialogue and confrontation with customers and to receive from them all the necessary information to guide their purchases in the best way”