Electrolux Better Living Program

The sustainability we like

With the column Sustainability that we like, we are committed to sharing the virtuous examples of companies that are concretely active in promoting initiatives to support the environment. We believe that networking and adding up many small and large gestures aimed at improving our world is the way forward.

The company we are highlighting today is Electrolux. With its ambitious Better Living program, it aims to ensure better and more sustainable living conditions.

100 actions and 4 areas of intervention by 2030

Every daily gesture has an impact on the planet: what we eat, wear and do every day shapes the world we live in and which we will bequeath to future generations. With this in mind, Electrolux has compiled a list of 100 actions it is committed to taking over the next 11 years, which aims to ensure better and more sustainable living conditions worldwide by 2030. The company aims to achieve a series of ambitious goals, seeking to inspire and empower people, employees and business partners to make better, more conscious choices.

The 100 gestures identified for a more sustainable approach to life, fall into 4 macro categories: Better Eating, Better Garment Care, Better Home Environment and Better Company.


Better Eating

The food industry consumes one-third of global energy and is responsible for more than 20% of emissions (source Sustainable Development Goals 2018 (SDGs) promoted by the UN). Therefore, the program aims to make sustainable food the preferred choice of consumers. How? By encouraging vegetarian diets, reducing waste and making products that minimize nutrient loss from food.

Better Garment Care

In the last 20 years we have quadrupled the number of garments used (source: Fashion Revolution) and 90% of garments are discarded before they are actually worn (source: AEG Care Label Project). That’s why it becomes necessary to strive to ensure that garments last twice as long. Technological innovation and a change in garment care habits are good prerequisites for reducing the environmental impact of the sector by 50%.

Better Home Environment

Poor air quality has become a widespread risk to our health. According to the UN, 92% of people live in places where pollution exceeds recommended limits. The program’s goal is to make homes healthier and more sustainable through smart air, water and floor solutions.

Better Company

Promoting the circular economy is a commitment that more and more companies are making. The main objective in this area is to eliminate waste and the environmental impact of production facilities. How? Developing products that maximize efficiency with regard to energy and other resources.


Better Living is undoubtedly a large-scale project, but large companies play a decisive role in shaping consumer habits and raising awareness of sustainability. Electrolux has focused on its responsibility. At CPC we are working to develop new sustainable projects that will have a major impact on the environment. Follow us on our social channels to stay updated on all the news!