Approximately 47,000 tons of steel were processed and sold by CPC Inox in 2018. Stripes are confirmed this year as the most sold product, both with machined edge and cut to measure, thanks to the 13 slitting lines CPC Inox can count on. The stripe cutting method represents the distinctive feature of CPC Inox which, with a large stock of available raw materials, is able to produce highly customized solutions on individual customer needs, thus ensuring not only an excellent and highly tailor-made product, but also a significant reduction in waste.

Following the Company’s Steel Ready philosophy, which involves the processing of a wide range of products that are always available in the warehouse to guarantee maximum timeliness and precision to customers, alongside the CPC Inox belts it also processes sheet metal, flat strips and sheared flat edged bars. round also in satin versions.

Find out more technical details on thickness and dimensions by visiting the dedicated page on the website, where you can also send your requests for information.