Limited summer closure for Italian steel mills

Predictably, the “post Covid” effects will affect the summer closures of the main Italian production sites this summer. There are several Companies that have decided to reduce, and in some cases to completely cancel, the traditional August summer holiday. According to data published in a note from, the average number of business closings went from 20.35 days in 2019 to 17.80 days in 2020.

In order to meet demand, punctually comply with deliveries and offer quality service, this year CPC Inox has decided not to close its plants and commercial offices during the month of August.

English translation of the table “Italian steel industry: the 2020 summer closures”:

  • ago = August
  • dato non disponibile = data not available
  • fermo in attesa di materiale = stopped, waiting for material
  • in attività non ferma = regular production activity
  • 3 giorni nella settimana 10 – 16 agosto = 3 days in the week of 10-16 August
  • sempre in produzione = always in production
  • * = provisional data
  • ** = production slowdowns in the first and fourth week of August
  • *** = maintenance activities
  • **** = staggered closures