New automatic packaging machine for cut tubes

CPC Inox_imballatrice tubi tagliati

Innovation and automation: the new automatic packaging machine for cut tubes has arrived at CPC Inox.

The new automatic packaging machine for cut tubes has arrived at CPC Inox. A further step forward in terms of innovation and optimization of company production processes. Thanks to the new machine, the packaging activities of the tubes become more agile, precise and fast. The packing machine, in complete autonomy, arranges the cut tubes in boxes and hexagonal bundles.

At the end of August last year, Engineer Alberto Gabriele had anticipated the arrival of the new machinery in an interview in which he explained the robotics project undertaken by the company.

I entered the project when it was necessary to technically define in detail all the operations that the robot had to perform, a complex job considering the large mix of products to be handled and the different packaging used. Therefore, the technical training I acquired, which taught me the specifications of each machine and the packaging processes, proved invaluable.

The management skills I learned were then very useful for managing the packaging programming software. It was very difficult to integrate software that was detailed enough without disrupting the dynamics of the production scheduling department and the sales department. However, after a lot of hard work, we came up with a solution that everyone agreed on.

The machinery

The new machinery consists of 4 main elements:

  • A belt that transports the tubes from the cutting machine to the picking position
  • Rotating table equipped with two loading bays to increase productivity
  • Robot that arranges the pieces in the packages
  • Gripper, a set of suction cups that allows the robot to pick up the tube

Automation, innovation, efficiency: CPC Inox production looks to the future.