New automatic self-propelled wrapping machine

Less plastic, more flexibility

How does technological “innovation” mean in our company? There are many aspects that can be included in this field; certainly, for CPC Inox, innovation necessarily passes through the latest generation of machinery that can bring flexibility, time optimization and waste reduction to the production chain.
Among these, the automatic self-propelled wrapping machine is a valuable tool that does not require a fixed installation in a dedicated area, but can be easily placed where needed thanks to the transport handle.

What’s different from standard solutions?

Instead of spinning the pallet on a fixed turntable while the reel unwinds the film, the reel spins around the ready goods applying the stretch film.

The machine is composed of 3 main parts: the central body, which allows its movement, the column, which allows the vertical translation of the system that unwinds the stretch film, the contact wheel that probes the product to be packaged to define the position of the wrapper with respect to the pallet. This machine also has various packaging programs, all customizable according to individual needs, and the best safety systems to avoid collisions with things or people.


  • Dynamism: it can be easily transported inside the plant
  • Reduction of the plastic used: the automatic self-propelled wrapping machine uses an extensible film that has a lower thickness compared to the heat-shrinkable plastic used in the previous solutions. CPC Inox has further invested in order to be even more sustainable and to further reduce the use of plastic by purchasing the motorized pre-stretch system, which allows to tension the stretch film before applying it, thus reducing the amount of plastic used per package.
  • Increased safety: reduction in the use of naked flames for shrink-wrap packaging
  • Increased productivity: from a manual operation to an automated one.

So how does technological “innovation” translate into our company? In optimization of industrial processes, greater sustainability and greater safety.