New Laser Welding Line 6 enhances CPC Inox tubes production

Innovative Laser Welding Line 6 is the new investment operated by CPC Inox, which extends its machinery park and enhances its offer of tubes tailor made solutions.

Thanks to the new Laser Welding Line 6, in fact, CPC Inox is now able to produce tubes with a diameter ranging from 70 mm to 120, 127 and 129 mm. The latter is a very sought-after solution by the heavy automotive market for the production of trucks, as well as by pump manufacturers, who need tubes with very specific diameters.

Technologically advanced and highly performing machinery, the new Laser Welding Line 6 allows to reduce production times and to ensure an optimal yield of the finished product, thanks to the provision of a robotic arm capable of autonomously packaging tubes and carrying out tube deburring. This procedure, necessary to remove excess metal after cutting and to have a uniform, clean and smooth tube edge, is very important to prevent steel splinters from reaching the hydraulic components, which could irreparably damaging pumps, valves, gaskets and other system key components.

With hundreds of meters of tube produced every day, the new Laser Welding Line 6 brings a further significant contribution to Company productivity, which has already been set on excellent levels thanks to the machinery set up over the years by CPC Inox at the Gessate plant.