New Tower Type robot

A new robotic unit makes its entry into CPC Inox production. It is a machine for the blade change of the Slitter 17, which features a tower configuration. For this reason it has been renamed “Tower Type” by its manufacturer.
A new important investment that confirms not only the strong will of the company to innovate in order to be even more competitive, but also reaffirms the great attention to people and safety at work.


How it works

tower type_come funziona

Depending on the tool needed for the work order, the robot picks up the blades and spacers stored inside the tower and places them on the blade loading machine.

The machine then unloads and successively loads the blades: on one side it withdraws those on the slitter, on the other it rotates 180° and loads the others on the shear.

At the end it comes back to allow the robot to pick up the blades and the spacers of the tool removed and to reposition everything inside the tower.





The new robot offers a lot of advantages, both from a production point of view and in terms of operator safety.

Among these, there is undoubtedly a reduction in slitter set-up times, which can now be done more quickly while the machine is running and without operator supervision.

There is also an increase in safety for the operators because, no longer having to deal with setting up the shear, they can follow the machine during the delicate cutting phase.

Thanks to the Tower Type, the performance also improves in terms of reduction of calculation errors for the tool assembly. Finally, the new robot allows a lower risk of damaging blades and spacers.