Stainless steel strips, bars, sheets and tubes

Our products are the result of scrupulous precision throughout the production process to ensure the highest quality.

Stainless steel range

We boast a warehouse stock of over 50,000 tonnes of raw material in different qualities of stainless steel assorted by thickness, width and finish.

Flat Products

We produce a wide range of strips, bars, sheets and tubes in stainless steel also available for immediate delivery. From initial counselling to cut to size products, we work to offer customers the best solution to every need.

Tubes and cut-to-length tubes

Thanks to cutting-edge manufacturing processes and control, our laser-welded tubes ensure high quality and a multitude of applications

Hydra To Zero

We decided to be an active participant in social and environmental change. Our partially corrugated H2O - HydraToZero tubes reduce water losses to zero.