[r]EVOLUTION is the project that CPC Inox started in 2016 to improve the Company processes and guarantee the best possible service to our customers. In fact, rather than just a product, we sell a personalized service, which we build together with you and tailor to individual needs.

[r]EVOLUTION is our business philosophy: to keep innovating, maintaining the 3 pillars that have made our company great, credible and recognizable, that are punctuality, rapidity and quality.




For over 40 years, CPC Inox has been synonymous with reliability throughout the production, sales and delivery process. That's why every year over 950 customers around the world rely on our expertise and professionalism.


We are punctual and we show it with numbers.

We constantly measure the preparation and delivery times of orders to our customers to offer you an increasingly timely service.

The data compares the punctuality rate with respect to the periods January-September 2019 and January-September 2020.




A quality service also means innovation.

In CPC Inox, in addition to measuring the average production times of all plants, we constantly invest to improve our production plants and company digitalization to guarantee even faster production.

In 2019 we invested 5% of Company turnover in the improvement of production plants and informatization.


At CPC Inox quality is not just a slogan.

We commit ourselves concretely to guarantee it to our customers through strict and effective control processes

With the production process control we carry out a recorded surface inspection of the strip. In this way we can count on a precise mapping of the production process and reclassify the material with detailed specifications.

The dimensional inspection of the productallows us to classify the material based on surface inspection and dimensional tolerances.

With the tracking of the production process, we record all control parameters of the production of the finished product, so as to be ready to provide rapid and precise assistance in case of any defects in the material delivered.

In 2020, out of the total shipped material, we registered only 0,17% of claims.