The 5 uses of steel you didn’t expect

Do you know what the catwalk of Trieste and a PC monitor have in common? The steel they are made of!

In fact, steel is present in many everyday objects that are probably constantly under our eyes, but which we never thought could contain the most ductile of metals. Its fields of application are numerous, that’s why we decided to whet your curiosity and collect the 5 most unexpected uses of our favorite raw material. You will be amazed!

Imagine walking on the Trieste seafront, with the sparkling breeze coming from the sea and enjoying that feeling of immersion in nature. You won’t believe it but you are actually walking right on a burnished steel walkway. Besides, to avoid the risk of falling into the water, which material is better than steel? Resistant to thermal shocks, absolutely solid and suitable to last over time.

The second object is something that is actually used every day by millions of people, for work, leisure, hobbies, and service: we are talking about the computer monitor. Perhaps not everyone knows that the display is composed of a micro-perforated stainless steel plate. Would you have ever said that?

How do workers employed in construction sites and factories protect their feet from accidental heavy material spills? With safety shoes, which guarantee a solid and resistant protective shell… thanks to their steel core!

Have you just seen a rocking car? You certainly have noticed the prestigious carbon finishes, the leather interiors and the latest generation electronics. If you move your eye a little lower you will find the fourth unexpected application of steel: the exhaust tail pipe.

We have come to the last curiosity. It may not come as a surprise for mountain and mountaineering enthusiasts, but the vast majority of occasional skiers may not be aware that the blades on which they slide down the mountain slopes are made of steel. Lightweight and durable, steel is a guarantee of excellent performance.

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