CPC Inox has always invested in research and development, in the training and in the safety of our staff in order to create considerable added value that allows us to stand out within the competitive landscape in which any modern company is positioned. The digital integration of business processes, which represents an essential aspect to generate efficiency and cost reduction, the high-bay warehouse and an important investment related to the human-machine interface are examples of this.

The training courses involving 144 CPC Inox employees and 10 internal teachers to improve the skills in the 4.0 Industry has been completed, with more than 4200 hours of training carried out. The increasing digitalization and computerization of the production chain leading to the final product are transforming the current production sites into “smart factories“. In the so-called 4.0 factories, physical objects integrate perfectly with digital information and new intelligent machines combine themselves with this amount of collected information, transforming production processes into a huge data system. In order to deal with the rethinking and re-engineering of production processes in a 4.0 perspective, a new business culture is needed. A business culture that once again puts man at the center of the factory. The staff in a 4.0 company is required to integrate their operational knowledge, related to their job, with the opportunities offered by the introduction of new technologically sophisticated machinery, whose aim is to improve efficiency.

The new training course of CPC Inox was therefore planned in this direction, focusing on two strategic issues: human-machine interface and digital integration of business processes. The objective of the course has been twofold: increasing the technical and digital skills of the 144 participants and improve workplace safety, thanks to a more informed and thorough use of machinery.