The Vessel: steel and architecture meet to generate a unique project

Combine Italian creativity with one of the most iconic cities in the world and the result will be exceptional. In Vessel, an enormous building located in New York designed by the architect Thomas Heatherwick, steel plays a paramount role both aesthetically and from a structural point of view as the main material used in the project. The building is located in Manhattan inside the new Hudson Yards district: 45 floors, 154 stairs and 80 landings for a 1600-meter path that even includes an arched panoramic lift. A true gem of architecture and engineering, which was realized by Italian professionals who took care of the load-bearing structure and aesthetic coatings.

In order to create the load-bearing structure, 75 segments of painted carbon steel were used, which are called “dog bone” because of their bone shape. Each plane has a different shape and inclination, creating a unique effect.
The coverings were made in AISI 316L stainless steel, selected as the best choice to guarantee durability and aesthetic inalterability.

Overall, EN 1.4404 sheets with various thicknesses were used, for a total of 220 tons of steel. Vessel is covered with 3200 slabs, which correspond to about 70% of the entire surface.

Vessel represents a magnificent example of the use of stainless steel in architecture. An ambitious opportunity for the market?