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Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Current climate change and the emergency of increased global drought are forcing cities around the world to commit to solutions that will ensure decisive water savings.

In Italy, major cities record losses in water networks due to deteriorated systems that often exceed 40 per cent. (Source: ISTAT) To cope with this situation, it is necessary to introduce more innovative technologies that guarantee a drastic reduction in water losses.

Among industrial materials, stainless steel has the lowest environmental impact and can be 100 per cent recycled. Choosing stainless steel for water outlets means making a concrete commitment to protect the environment and the planet’s water resources.

The corrugated tube that eliminates water leaks

Partially corrugated stainless steel tube technology is the innovation that can reduce water losses and the number of repairs at utility outlets.

With the aim of eliminating water waste and promoting increasingly sustainable solutions, we have decided to be an active part of social and environmental change in the country.

Under the HydraToZero brand, we have become a supplier of partially corrugated tubes, a system that, consisting of a single flexible tube without additional joints, effectively eliminates water loss.

BFWE Innovation Award 2023

The project, initiated in collaboration with the Stainless Team, has already been tested in the Marche, Tuscany and Lombardy regions.

Hydra To Zero won the BFWE Innovation Award, for the Materials section, at the H2O – Accadueo 2023 trade fair in Bologna, one of the largest international events dedicated to the water sector.

What are the advantages of stainless steel utility outlets?

  • Robustness and resistance to impact and seismic shocks.
  • Great flexibility, allowing the tube to be easily bent, for easy and particularly quick installation.
  • Hygiene and consequent preservation of water quality.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Very long service life (100 years).
  • Decisive reduction in repairs and disruptions to city traffic.

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