CPC Cares

CPC CARES – A more sustainable catering area

From January 2023, some major changes will be implemented in the refectory and catering areas in order to reduce waste production.

With January 2023, a few big changes are coming to improve our impact on the environment. In line with the company’s commitment to promote recycling and reduce waste production, we have introduced some changes in the lunch service with the New Year. Two main changes, which in their simplicity will really make a difference.



Steel beats plastic 1-0. We say goodbye to disposable plastic cutlery, which has been replaced with steel cutlery. At the end of the year, all employees were given kits consisting of three logo-printed steel cutlery items, packed in a clutch bag made of 100% recycled cotton.

To further reduce the use of plastic, we are going to connect a water purifier to the water supply of all production refectories that will deliver room temperature and cold natural water; this will eliminate the supply of plastic bottles that used to be provided with lunch.

And if it is true that change starts with each one of us, with small measures we can really contribute day after day to improve the environment in which we live, in our private lives as well as in the workplace. We believe this, don’t you?