Calzedonia’s “Mission Clean Beaches”

Calzedonia and WWF Italy together in support of Italian beaches

The fashion industry, which is considered one of the most polluting in the world, has set its sights on a virtuous change to decrease the impact of its production activities. There are numerous companies that have decided to contribute to the preservation of the Planet by taking effective measures to reduce their ecological footprint.

Among them is Calzedonia, among the signatories of the Fashion Pact, which is demonstrating its commitment with concrete actions. Eighty percent of its garments are produced by factories owned by the group, demonstrating responsible supply chain management and a focus on using materials with less environmental impact. The Verona-based brand focuses on transparency and traceability: on its e-commerce site, consumers can learn about the factory where garments are made and the main features of the plants.

Among the causes closest to the brand’s heart, special attention is paid to the fight against plastic, a threat to the health of the marine ecosystem. In 2021, thanks to the introduction of packaging and packaging made from recycled materials, it avoided the consumption of as much as 220 tons of plastic.

Last year, Calzedonia also kicked off the “Mission Clean Beaches” project developed in collaboration with WWF to stop plastic leakage into Nature. The 2022 goal is to clean up 3 million square meters of Italian land, mainly beaches, from waste. How? For every bikini sold, the company commits to clean up 1 sqm of Italian beaches.

WWF volunteers, together with Calzedonia employees, will be actively engaged in collecting plastics and waste on Italian shores. A beautiful initiative that everyone is invited to join via the dedicated page on WWF’s website.