CPC People

CPC Academy is founded

CPC Academy, the training project developed in collaboration with Adecco, aims to offer professional experience in the field and facilitate entry into the labor market for young people.

Today more than ever, being specialized in a particular field becomes an added value for any young professional who wants to pursue a career within industrial production.
In fact, skilled laborers are increasingly in demand by companies, which are struggling to recruit professionals trained in both theory and practice.
With a view, therefore, to fostering the entry of suitably trained new recruits into the company and thus supporting the local community at the same time, we have decided to inaugurate a new activity: CPC Academy, a project aimed at creating professionals in the processing of semi-finished stainless steel products.
CPC Academy offers the opportunity for 10 graduates of technical and mechanical institutes in the Milan area to undertake training and employment with the company, opening a privileged channel of placement for those seeking employment in the metalworking field.
76 hours of training distributed between theoretical classroom lessons and hours of practical shadowing alongside CPC Inox production workers, during which to explore in the field the different professions carried out within the plants.
With this new project, we are aiming at young talents who are eager to grow and confront themselves in a dynamic and challenging environment, in a scrupulous, precise, top-quality and state-of-the-art production environment.


Main responsibilities of candidates:

Working alongside the machine foreman, they will be trained as a steel processing plant operator technician, dealing with the control of the production cycle on board the machine for the different processes (cutting, slitter, pipe welding, stamping).


  • Raw material handling by overhead crane and/or forklift.
  • Dimensional and quality checks carried out by measuring with relevant instruments,
    minor maintenance
  • Compliance with process and production standards aimed at continuous improvement

What are the requirements to apply?

Good manual dexterity, passion for the metalworking environment, precision, reliability and above all curiosity are required to enter the CPC Academy.